Atlantis Nova

A lightweight but effective word processor


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Atlantis Nova is a relatively simple and lightweight text editor, which offers a number of very interesting features in addition to the basic ones that you would find in any similar program.

The most obvious of these is the presence of three toolbars, each of which is dedicated to a different set of functions. This is all in the part above the text, as you also have an additional toolbar below that allows you to switch between active documents with just one click.

Other very interesting functions include the possibility of keeping different text windows open at the same time, the ability to insert the time and date just by pressing a button, and the automatic calculator, with which you just have to enter an equation and click the button to see the result.

Atlantis Nova is a very interesting writing tool, not only because it offers more functions than 'wordpad' for Windows, but also because, just like wordpad, it is very comfortable to use and has a very small memory footprint.
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